The Park Clinic is planning to be open on Friday, September 18th. We currently do not have power and are unable to confirm appointments. Please be advised there will be no No-Show penalty for patients unable to make it to their appointment. We will be available for all patients who need us. If you had an appointment scheduled with us this week and it was cancelled due to Hurricane Sally, we will be in contact with you as soon as we can. It may be early next week, but we will get those appointments rescheduled. We hope that all of our patients stayed safe during the storm. Should you have an emergency please dial 911.



Mobile Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Dermatology

MPRSD, Mobile Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Dermatology, is a synergist concept of interconnected specialties that allows our patients to receive innovative, current, and comprehensive reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery, minimally invasive cosmetics, treatment of skin diseases, skin cancer treatment, and aesthetic skin care under one roof.
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Mobile Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Dermatology welcomes a new Surgeon, Dr. Ryan Rebowe. Learn more here.

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Dr. Christopher A. (Chris) Park is a native of Mobile and attended St. Paul’s Episcopal School where he was Valedictorian and an acclaimed scholar athlete. He completed his undergraduate education at the University of Virginia as an Interdisciplinary Echols Scholar where he graduated after receiving numerous other awards including graduating “With Distinction.” He returned to Alabama for medical school at The University of Alabama School of Medicine at UAB where the accolades continued, including the Galbraith Award for Excellence in Surgery.

Meet Dr. Park

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  • Breast Augmentation

    Breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical technique to increase the size of the breasts. Any woman that desires a larger breast may be a candidate for breast augmentation if she has realistic expectations. There are other techniques to increase the size of the breasts, but the most trusted technique is placement of an implant surgically. There are multiple options that are discussed and decided during a breast augmentation consulation.

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  • Liposuction

    Liposuction uses high pressure suction to remove fat from undesired areas and thick deposits on the body, most commonly from the hips, buttocks, knees, abdomen, thighs, back, upper arms, chin, or neck. Liposuction is not a substitute for weight loss, as the amount of fat that can be safely removed and the ability of the skin to shrink down are limited especially after previous skin expansion with pregnancy and significant weight fluctuations.

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  • Facelift

    A facelift (rhytidectomy) tightens the lower face and neck by removing excess skin and resuspending the support structures of the face to improve the jowls, nasolabial folds, downturned mouth, platysmal bands, and lax neck.

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  • Rhinoplasty

    The nose is the dominant feature of the face and is the most common reason to seek plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Park. In a rhinoplasty, the bone and cartilage framework are modified and the skin is redraped. Thin, smooth skin redrapes, but thick, oily skin will limit the final result. Of all the plastic surgery procedures, rhinoplasty results are the most variable as they depend on patient characteristics, physician judgment, and technique. It is important to select a surgeon with an interest and experience in rhinoplasty. Nasal surgery is usually not considered until the patient has reached young adulthood, since surgery can limit future growth.

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The Park Clinic - MedSpa at the Park - Kathryn Dempsey Dermatology - Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery of Mobile
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The Park Clinic - MedSpa at the Park - Kathryn Dempsey Dermatology - Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery of Mobile
3153 Dauphin St. Mobile, AL