Arm Contouring Mobile

Arm Contouring Mobile

Fat deposits and skin laxity in the upper part of the arm and armpit are common, even in the absence of obesity. Moderate fat deposition can be treated with arm liposuction with minimal scarring in the armpit. The amount of liposuction is aesthetically limited by the ability of the skin to shrink down, as additional sag created by liposuction can be more bothersome than excess bulk. However, laser or ultrasonic liposuction can help with skin tightening. Liposuction of the arms can be accomplished with sedation and local anesthesia. Postoperative compression is needed for approximately one month. As with all liposuction, swelling can obscure the final result for months.

A brachioplasty, removal of excess skin and fat, may be necessary to rejuvenate arms with excessive, hanging skin, especially after significant weight loss. The scarring may be limited to a transverse scar in the armpit, but typically requires a longitudinal scar down the inner arm. This scar is planned to be masked when the arms are at one’s side but may be visible when the arms are elevated. A brachioplasty is an outpatient procedure done under local or general anesthesia. Suction drains are necessary for larger excisions. Most patients return to work at 1-2 weeks. Exercise should be avoided for at least 3 weeks and then slowly resumed with no strenuous activities for 6 weeks.

Important Announcement

Due to COVID-19, MPRSD and the Med Spa will be closed indefinitely beginning March 30th, 2020. Both Dr. Park and Dr. Rebowe will only be seeing post-operative patients, patients with pressing issues, and will continue working hospital consults and ER coverage. However, during this time we will not be seeing new elective patients. Staff will reach out to cancel appointments and notify patients, and will be reaching out to reschedule when we are back in the office.

We always do our best to stay available to our patients. If the normal communication systems break down during this crisis, Dr. Park should be reachable at and Dr. Rebowe at Immediate availability cannot be assumed during these unpredictable times so do not email with urgent issues. Urgent issues need direct communication with a provider either through the office or if necessary, your nearest emergency room.

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