Vaginal Rejuvenation Mobile

Vaginal Rejuvenation Mobile

An increasing number of women, or their partner, are seeking improvement in this era of increased exposure to nudity. The common cosmetic concerns related to female genitalia are small labia majora (outer folds), enlarged labia minora (inner folds), or concealment of vagina by an excessive pubic region (mons pubis). These can be a source of significant embarrassment and distress. A thin labia majora can lead to an aged appearance of the vulva, a phallic appearance of the clitoris, or decreased sexual enjoyment. The goal of a labioplasty of the labia majora is augmentation, which can be done with fillers or fat grafting in a minimally invasive and minimally painful procedure.

A labioplasty of the labia minora is aimed at reducing the loose, enlarged, or hanging inner folds which can cause embarrassment, poor hygiene, or discomfort. The treatment is surgical excision and requires 6 weeks of protection, including abstinence.

Excess skin and fat of the area above the vagina can also be disfiguring and a hygiene problem. A mons plasty reduces this area with either liposuction if skin excess is minimal or excision hiding the scar in the pubic hair in more severe cases.
Recovery is minimally painful but significant exercise and sexual activities should be avoided for 6 weeks.

This can easily be incorporated into an tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) without additional downtime.