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Skin Reconstruction Mobile

Skin Reconstruction Mobile

Scar revision can improve the appearance of the scar by making it less obvious, but it cannot remove a scar. This may involve moving local tissue to improve the scar appearance, making the scar more narrow, or shifting the scar to a less visible place or direction. Dermabrasion or laser therapy removes the top layers of skin and as new skin forms, the scar is blunted.

Skin grafting moves skin without blood vessesl from a healthy area to the injured area to cover wounds or release tightened scar contractures, since scars can pull tissue together and impair function. These contractures require release and treatment with local tissue flaps, grafts, tissue expansion or larger flap procedures.

Flap surgery involves moving skin with underlying soft tissues and blood vessels from a healthy area to the site of need.

A Z-plasty repositions a scar along more natural lines and creases to decrease its visibility and increase length, allowing the wound to heal with less tension.