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Dr. Ryan Rebowe

The Park Clinic Welcomes Second Plastic Surgeon

MOBILE, Alabama (November 6, 2019) — Dr. Chris Park is pleased to welcome Dr. Ryan E. Rebowe, plastic surgeon, to The Park Clinic, part of Mobile Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Dermatology. Park, a plastic surgeon, has been looking to add a partner to his practice for the past few years as a way to expand his practice and provide even better service to his patients. 

Rebowe joined the practice in July and has since allowed for the clinic providers to be able to respond quicker to patient requests and be more available to patients. Another benefit for patients is the decreased wait time in scheduling consultations and appointments. 

“I wanted to add a partner to be able to provide better, faster, more efficient cosmetic and reconstructive services to the Gulf Coast,” Park said. “I wanted a partner that I and the patients can trust. The goal here is for us to be the ‘go-to plastic surgeons’ for all of Mobile and Baldwin counties and the surrounding Gulf Coast by being more available to provide the needed care for our patients.”

Beyond that, adding Rebowe has allowed Park to be able to do more of the procedures that require two physicians, such as microsurgery. On tougher cases, the two physicians are able to collaborate and even operate together when necessary. 

“It’s not just better for us in terms of getting things done, but it’s better for patients,” Rebowe said. “People are getting two brains in an operation and decreased surgery time. Overall, it’s a better experience for the patients.”

Rebowe went to the University of Virginia as an undergraduate student and then attended Tulane University for a master’s degree in cell and molecular biology. He then completed his medical degree at the LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans and residency training in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Wake Forest University. 

Park also completed his surgery training at Wake Forest, so the two physicians have similar thought processes when it comes to treatment options. The Wake Forest training program coordinators recommended Rebowe to Park because they said they trusted him as much as they had trusted Park during his time there.

This similarity in training and background was part of the reason that Rebowe decided to join Park’s practice.

“Dr. Park is committed to providing the absolute best in all aspects of our specialty, and this commitment really resonated with me,” Rebowe said. “Being able to do the entire breadth of what we are able to do and being in a place where I can do that and feel like I’m supported has been great. My goal is to offer the highest level of care in terms of safety, variety, and results in both the cosmetic and reconstructive aspects of plastic surgery.”

For both Rebowe and Park, plastic surgery is about more than appearances. It’s about improving the quality of life for their patients.

“Even on the cosmetic side of plastic surgery, we are changing lives,” Park said. “Statistics show that people are happier, healthier, and more successful in their business after cosmetic surgery.”

Drs. Park and Rebowe can be reached at The Park Clinic by calling 251-340-6600, or by emailing or They also answer emails through their website. Click here for contact information and to learn more about the online consultation.