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Chin Surgery Mobile

Chin Surgery Mobile

The chin is the lowest portion of the central face and as such, draws considerable attention. Chin complaints are usually based on vertical or anterior dimensions. When analyzing the aesthetics of the chin, its appearance is determined not only by the shape and projection of the chin, but also by the position and structures of the jaw, face, and neck.

The procedures

A mild degree of retrogenia, setback chin, or microgenia, deficient chin, can be corrected with placement of a prosthetic chin implant, which is a quick, relatively simple operation that can be done under local anesthesia either through the mouth or below the chin crease. In more severely deficient or weak chins the correction is best accomplished with chin advancement, known as a genioplasty, which involves moving the bone to achieve the desired effects. Plates and screws are necessary and a bone graft may be required to add height. A foreign body is avoided but recovery is more significant.

A chin that extends too far forward can be corrected by a chin reduction, shaping the bone to the desired shape.

The soft tissues of the chin may be a source of complaints for patients. A pseudo-deficiency may be due to excess skin or fat surrounding and/or below the chin, a “double chin.” Correction of the neck with liposuction or neck lift may correct the appearance of the chin. As the face ages, the chin descends, creating a “droopy chin” or “witch’s chin”, but a chin lift can be performed, usually through the mouth.

Dr. Park is the absolute BEST. I used him in November 2019 and am very pleased with my results. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon!

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