IV Therapy

What is IV Therapy?

If you have been feeling unenergized, or have been suffering from a cold you just can’t get rid of, it may be time to try something new. Aqua Med IV can help!

IV therapy is a minimally invasive method to rehydrate the body and improve health. We offer different FDA-regulated formulas to rejuvenate and revitalize your body, and may help you meet your specific wellness goals. Iv therapy may help revitalize you when you aren’t feeling good or when you want to boost your performance. Aqua Med IV prioritizes your health and safety. is dedicated to helping you improve your wellness and optimize your daily life. All Aqua Med IV solutions are formulated and assembled in an FDA-regulated, FDA-registered pharmacy to maintain sterility and safety.

Benefits: Your daily life can take a toll on your overall well being and can lead to your body being depleted of its natural resources, vitamins, and minerals. IV therapy may help restore your body, help boost your energy and immunity. It may also help your body heal itself, help keep you focused, look younger and sustain long term health.

Other potential benefits:

  • Increase your immunity and overall wellness
  • Reduce the signs of aging
  • Revitalize your skin
  • Increase hydration
  • Increase your immunity
  • Promote faster healing after illness, injury or surgery
  • Restore vitamins
  • Detoxification from alcohol, medication, and pollutants
  • Boosts your energy and athletic performance
  • Stronger cardiovascular function
  • Improve allergy symptoms and histamine release


Dehydration is a common problem that can cause different issues for your body. It can slow you down, lead to fatigue and low energy levels, affect your ability to lose weight and affect your skin. Iv therapy, using treatments like Aqua Med IV Myers Cocktail, may help you hydrate while delivering the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that your body potentially lacks.  

When trying to lose weight, people commonly hit a plateau. You can be doing everything right but, unfortunately, stop seeing results. Many times the cause of this can be dehydration. When you are dehydrated it causes your brain to seek energy from sources other than fat cells. IV therapy may help hydrate you which can redirect cells to source internal energy properly. It may help promote a higher metabolism, cell detoxification and healthy sleeping patterns, which are important factors of losing weight.

The IV Therapy Formulas

1. Athletic Boost IV

This treatment was formulated to help promote athletic performance and enhance healing and recovery. This option is good for before or after an operation, while recovering from an injury or if you are an avid fitness enthusiast.

2. Ultimate Energy IV

The formula is good for people who suffer from jet lag, or are preparing for a special event, or a stressful work week. It is focused on increasing metabolism and energy. It can also help improve your mental focus, enhance daily activity and/or athletic performance.

3. Immunity Boost/Wellness IV

If you are recovering from a cold, the flu or allergies, this treatment can help boost your immunity. It is an especially good option for parents and caregivers who are exposed to illness.

4. Soothe and Relieve IV

This formula eases symptoms associated with migraines as well as PMS. Some of the symptoms it helps with includes cramping, pain, mood swings, irritability, carb cravings, and skin breakouts.

5. Healthy Hair Boost IV

This treatment is formulated with vitamins to support faster and healthier hair growth. Hair Healthy Boost can strengthen and revitalize hair, skin and nails. It can help reduce hair loss and improve hair transplant results.

6. Aqua Med IV Myers Cocktail

The Myers Cocktail is suggested for first timers to IV therapy. It can help strengthen the immune system and increase metabolism and energy. 7. Anti-Aging/Beauty IV This formula combines intramuscular biotin injection with Aqua Med IV Myer’s Cocktail to detoxify cells. It helps improve complexion, stimulates collagen, minimizes wrinkles and creates a healthy ‘glow’.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is IV therapy? IV therapy, also referred to as drip therapy or vitamin drips, is a minimally invasive treatment that quickly delivers vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and electrolytes intravenously.

2. Why would I get IV therapy? IV therapy is used for many reasons from supplementing hydration and nutrients to boosting metabolism and weight loss. Each Aqua Med IV treatment has been formulated for your specific wellness goals. It can also be used before and after surgery to improve their results and recovery.

3. What can I expect during a session? The procedure will begin with an Aqua Med IV medical professional will insert a catheter into a vein with a sterile needle. Then the needle will be removed, and the catheter will be taped in place while the IV drip is administered. Most treatments take between 30 minutes to an hour. During the procedure, you can relax, read, snack, watch tv or even nap.

4. How soon will I notice a difference? This is patient dependant, some patients felt a difference right away and start to feel a difference a few hours after.