The Park Clinic is planning to be open on Friday, September 18th. We currently do not have power and are unable to confirm appointments. Please be advised there will be no No-Show penalty for patients unable to make it to their appointment. We will be available for all patients who need us. If you had an appointment scheduled with us this week and it was cancelled due to Hurricane Sally, we will be in contact with you as soon as we can. It may be early next week, but we will get those appointments rescheduled. We hope that all of our patients stayed safe during the storm. Should you have an emergency please dial 911.

Alternative Treatments Mobile

Alternative Treatments Mobile

Endermology is a nonsurgical procedure to correct cellulite but despite being FDA approved, its efficacy is still debated. The mechanism utilizes a hand-held device to deliver pulses of electrical heat and massage with rollers applied to areas of cellulite.

External radiofrequency, i.e. Thermage® delivers non-invasive external radiofrequency waves to the skin and fat and is proposed to encourage new collagen deposition and dermal skin tightening. Results have been sporadic and longevity is unclear. Tolerance is good as the discomfort and downtime are minimal.

Mesotherapy involves the injection of a variety of medications to lyse and destroy fat cells, either cellulite or focal fat deposits. Despite being minimally invasive, mesotherapy is not without serious risks such as infection, tissue damage, allergic reaction, damage to blood supply, and excessive removal of fat and Dr. Park does not currently offer this procedure.