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Laser Treatments Mobile

Laser Treatments Mobile

Lasers can be used to treat a range of conditions. From redness and broken capillaries to prominent veins and hair removal, lasers are one of the most dynamic and effective tools for cosmetic improvement available on the market today. Balance and tone can be restored to the skin, sometimes after just one treatment. Non-invasive, highly effective, and with shorter recovery times than ever before, laser treatment may be just right for treating your specific skin concerns.

YAG Laser

The q-switch ND: YAG laser is an optimal treatment option for highly pigmented skin.
It’s utilized for effectively removing unwanted tattoos, as well as unwanted body hair from patients with darker skin.

During your treatment laser light will be used either to remove blemished skin or destroy the hair follicles. The result is increased collagen production and the creation of a new, healthy and unblemished skin. No anesthesia is required for this procedure, which produces only minor discomfort.

IPL Laser

The IPL laser is a gentle and incredibly effective treatment for use in photo rejuvenation. In this procedure, sun damage and hyperpigmentation are addressed as the laser seeks out discoloration and reduces unevenness. Collagen production increases over time, so your skin continues to improve in the weeks after treatment.


PDL or Pulsed Dye laser can treat vascular conditions that cause discoloration of the skin. Rosacea, port wine stains, leg veins, angiomas, hemangiomas can all be eliminated with PDL. The heat from the laser disintegrates blood vessels and breaks up discolorations, which are then processed by the body as waste. Sometimes just one or two treatments can produce beautiful clarity and tone.