The Park Clinic is planning to be open on Friday, September 18th. We currently do not have power and are unable to confirm appointments. Please be advised there will be no No-Show penalty for patients unable to make it to their appointment. We will be available for all patients who need us. If you had an appointment scheduled with us this week and it was cancelled due to Hurricane Sally, we will be in contact with you as soon as we can. It may be early next week, but we will get those appointments rescheduled. We hope that all of our patients stayed safe during the storm. Should you have an emergency please dial 911.

Plastic Surgery Patient Information

Plastic Surgery Patient Information

Patient Information

In order to save your valuable time you can send us your medical records by inputting the requested information at the following site:

mxregister (Just click here)

You will be asked to register a username and password – please make a note to yourself for future use!

Once you have filled out the requested information it will be securely sent to Dr. Park. It is best for you to fill out the basic information BEFORE your first office visit. The purpose of this site is to let you update your records at your own convenience and not have to sit in the waiting room filling out forms. The steps are outlined below….


Click the register now link and fill out all of the required information on the next screen. Be sure to check the bottom box that says you read their policy.


Agree to "Add" Mobile Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Dermatology as a recipient for your info.


While Billing information and insurance is crucial it is MORE important to fill out the "Medical Info" fields.


In the Medical Info screen please fill out

Chronic Conditions

The other information is good to know but the three above are VITAL.

We will be notified electronically when you have entered your information!  Thank you!